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To learn C++, I wrote this pacman game.
It's a simple and ASCII version, so no fun (and IA is very stupid)... But this use classes and has been a good practice for me.

pacmap screenshot in Konsole

Download and Installation

Downoad version 0.1.2 (the game and the source code are in french).

Uncompress the archive and compile pacman with the command "make".
To run pacman, just type "./pacman nx", where x is the level number between 0 and 5.
I've also reproduced the two first levels of WinPac 2; to use it, type "./pacman nOrigx", where x is 1 or 2.

Rules and How to Play

When you've launched the game, use the arrow keys to move your pacman ("c"): it will continue in this direction.
You can move through the walls: you will reappear on the other side.
Press ESCAPE to quit the game.
You must eat all apples (".") to complete the level.
The phantoms ("") want to eat you: you musn't meet them.
The bonus apples (";") let you to eat phatoms during ten seconds.

Create Levels

To create level, create a new text file.
You can copy a level example to begin with a valid level architecture: you will modify it.
The first line of the level file is your level name.
The second line is the author name (yours).
Then, you must add 20 lines of 40 characters (the 20 lines are obligatory but missings characters will be interpreted as " ").

The allowed characters are: