Older Changelogs - Kirocker Music Display

Here are previous change lists of Kirocker Music Display.
See the project homepage for a list of more recente changes, downloads, screenshots...

 3.4.1 with Crash & Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed issue with very large playlists where Kirocker Music Display were acting bad, or not responding
 - Fixed the long-standing crash that I finally was able to reproduce. Kirocker Music Display should be rock solid now!

 3.4 with Alerts & Next Playing:
 New features:
 - Show blinking taskbar entries in full screen mode, so you will not miss any MSN or Jabber discussions when coming back near your computer
 - Show "Next Playing" tracks in full screen mode (except when using random playing or Last.fm radio)
 - Make the displayed times in full screen to flicker when paused
 - Now supports radio-streams track-title changes
 - Use less horizontal margin (more space for text) for 4/3 screens (not wide screens)
 - Removed the icon in the panel "big tooltip", because it leaded to confusion as it looked like a no-cover image, and it was conveing no useful information
 Fixed bugs:
 - Last.fm cover image is now shown for everybody
 - Full screen album cover is displayed at full size even if the artist of album name contains a single-quote/apostroph (')
 - Do not turn off screen in full screen mode (disable energy economy during full screen)
 - Screen saver is not re-enabled after full screen if it was disabled before the full screen
 - Amarok OSD is not re-enabled after full screen if it was disabled before the full screen
 - Libraries are now stored in KDE's lib path
 - Moved "Kicker Right Translucent Background.png" in the root folder of the archive, a more expectable place, and this let packagers work without problem

 3.2 with Standalone Full Screen:
 New features:
 - Display date & hour in full screen (to listen to music without being late at work)
 - Supports Last.fm radio (all informations, the cover image, stop button instead of pause, no seek allowed)
 - Now available in standalone full screen mode, available in the KMenu, without needing to use the applet
 - The full screen mode is also available in the playlist context menu of Amarok by using an Amarok script (relaunch Amarok after installation to see the script and be able to enable it)
 - Added a DCOP call to show full screen mode from the applet. Use KHotKeys and this command to associate a global keyboard shortcut: "dcop kicker Kirocker showFullScreen" (or more simplier, add a shortcut to the KMenu entry)
 Fixed bugs:
 - The cover was sometimes pixelised in full screen mode
 - Full Screen mode now resizes itself when screen size changed
 - Do not show the progressbar for tracks that can't be seeked and that do not have a total duration available (like for Magnatune preview tracks)

 3.0 with Animations:
 New features:
 - Crossfade animations for buttons appearing/disappearing
 - Horizontal sliding animations for song switching (like iPod menus)
 - Allow half-first-star like recent versions of Amarok now allow
 - Better and more keyboard shortcuts (with an information dialog):
 * Space or Enter: Play/pause
 * PageUp/PageDown or P/N: Change track
 * Left/Right: Seek in track
 * Up/Down: Change volume
 * F1/F2/F3/F4/F5: Change star rating
 * Escape or Q: Close full screen
 - KDE 3.5 users will not be annoyed anymore by the applet tooltip. For them, the tooltip is replaced by the animated big tip, like on the KMenu or the clock. This tip displays the time spend and left in live.
 Slicker features:
 - If displaying text on two lines (small horizontal panel) and artist and/or album are not there, do not put the "-"
 - If no track information, display the file name (like in Amarok)
 - Adapts to dynamic changes of the standard font size
 Fixed bugs:
 - Work well with Xinerama or mergedFB dual-screen
 - No more flicker when showing the full screen mode
 - No cover/progressbar/stars in full screen when stopped
 - Close full screen with mouse on FullScreen-button: hand cursor is back
 Additionnal changes compared to 3.0 Beta 2:
 - Animate progressbar too
 - Invert slide animation if moving to the previous track (or resuming)
 - Animate in full screen when going/coming from stopped
 - Buttons were sometimes fading out when showing the full screen

 2.2 with Flexible Appearance:
 More modern look:
 - Crystal-looking progressbar in full screen, and with bigger inner light-border
 - Oxygen "full screen" icon (also scale better for big panels)
 Smarter behaviors for better and bigger looking applet, making configuration less needed:
 - Extend width for horizontal panel to let display long texts
 - Automatically change text color and add text shadow to be always visible on the panel, even with dark background color
 - Remove reflexion if there is not much place (unoticable anyway)
 - Move the progressbar on top of the text for horizontal panel if there is enough place there (making the album cover bigger)
 - Move stars bellow the text information when there is more space there in the horizontal Kicker layout
 - Two lines of text instead of 3 if there isn't enough place: "Artist - Album (Year)" and "Track: Title"
 Solved bugs (most were hardly noticable bugs but held up the fit & finish touch):
 - Scroll wheel work when scrolling fast (it was a pain to use, before)! It is so natural and fast now...
 - When quitting Amarok, the applet still tought it was playing
 - Do not draw the star reflection on top of the text
 - When mouse was hidden over a button, moving it a little did not restored the hand cursor
 - Always hide the mouse cursor 3 seconds after a mouse release (not before, and not never)
 - Solve a graphics glitch on the cover reflection when the cover has transparency (eg. "nocover.png") or (sometimes) higher than wide.
 - Stars where not shown when moving the mouse cursor over the very borders of the applet
 - No anymore need to do "make -f Makefile.cvs" in order to compile & install the applet

 2.0 with Full Screen:
 - Full screen view with:
 * Pretty yet sober background image (it is the excelent work of Christian Nickel: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=51917)
 * Keyboard navigation to switch track and play/pause
 * Disappearing control buttons & mouse pointer
 * Resized down font size for long track information
 * Disabled screensaver & OSD
 - Bigger look with horizontal Kicker: buttons are bigger and take all horizontal space (on top of text too), there is less margin, and progressbar is less tall if there is not that much place
 - Start Amarok when clicking Play and Amarok is not running
 - No more flicker when clicking the play/pause button
 - No more random "display paused for no reason" for 1 second bug
 - Get fullsize cover better than 2.0 Beta 2 (and thus, a lot better than 2.0 Beta 1)

 1.4 with Controls:
 New features:
 - One-click player controls: previous track / play&pause / next track
 - Display album year, when available
 - Change volume with horizontal scrolling or Alt+scrolling
 - Light up progressbar when moving mouse over it, to show it's clickable
 Bug fixes:
 - Light up stars when the Amarok goes from paused to playing state and the mouse was already over a star
 - Do not distorse non-square covers (like the no-cover image)

 1.2 with Clickable Progressbar:
 New Features:
 - Clickable length progressbar to change the position in the track
 - Scroll wheel to change the position in the track
 - Added progress time and time left in the tooltip
 Bugs & Crashs:
 - Do not crash if the panel use no background image (only a flat background color)
 - Good looking shadow if the background image is very small (was buggy with the KUbuntu background image)
 - Do not freeze the panel while Amarok is starting (and Amarok take 20 seconds to start, so it was a long freeze)

 - Initial release