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Nowaday, nearly every application should have drag and drop features.
This tool let you see every byte that are in the clipboard or in a drag to help you understand what it contaisn and how to parse it in your application.
The principle is very simple: you paste, paste selection or drop things into the window and a list of all MIME types the source application can export is shown, with the data of each type, so you can view what data organization is to code filters for your program.

Screenshot of DndSkan 0.1

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This program is under the GPL licence: you can download, use, modify and share it freely.
If you encounter problems during compilation and installation from sources, please see this BasKet installation How-to (too lazy to make a new one ;-) ).

Download official sources of DndSkan 0.1.

If you want to post comment on this application, you can visit DndSkan kde-apps.org page.


I initialy created this tool to be able to make BasKet Note Pads understand most MIME types every application can drag to it: I need to analyze what are the provided MIME types and what they contain.

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To contact me, report a bug, a suggestion, a wish, propose a patch, a package, a port, please send me an e-mail to slaout@linux62.org.